IAFF can us flag VECTOR LODD

The following members of the I.A.F.F. Gave the Ultimate Sacrifice and Died in the Line of Duty

Last Name First Name Date of Death Nature of Death Local Number
Orf John M. 04/26/15 Cancer: Leukemia L2665
Bauer Brenda 04/23/15 Cancer: Lung L1803
McCoy Mike 04/22/15 Cardiac Arrest L2088
Hughes Aaron 04/16/15 Cancer: Esophageal L4405
Thomas Raymond 04/13/15 Cancer: Lung L1657
Amituanai David 04/12/15 Cancer: Other L0798
Hoday Timothy 04/09/15 Cancer: Leukemia L0528
Gordon Daryl 03/26/15 Trauma, Blunt L0048
Winship Rick 03/26/15 Cancer: Esophageal L0781
Franco Adam 03/16/15 Cancer: Brain L1314
Graziano, Sr. John 03/13/15 Cancer: Pancreatic L0854
Sondeen Eric 03/04/15 Cancer: Prostate L2086
Voisey Richard 03/04/15 Cancer: Brain L1230
Crawford William 03/02/15 Cancer: Lung L3888
Grummett Garry 03/02/15 Cancer: Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma L2461
Harris Michael 03/02/15 Cancer: Throat L1132
Hegarty Kevin 03/01/15 Unknown L1271
Schumacher Scott 02/25/15 Cancer: Melanoma (Skin) L0414
LeBlanc Thomas 02/22/15 Cancer: Leukemia L2779
Fenske Gary 02/11/15 Cancer: Kidney L0867
Lake Michael D. 02/11/15 Cancer: Esophageal L0012
Erwin Thomas M. 01/31/15 Cancer: Lung L0280
Chism Russell 01/22/15 Cancer: Other L1147
Cassidy John 01/21/15 Cancer: Other L0854
Leonard John 01/19/15 Cancer: Lung L0002
Barber W. Keith 01/14/15 Cancer: Brain L0440
Tindall Christopher A. 01/08/15 Undetermined – pending investigation L3112
Henley John E. 01/04/15 Cancer: Bladder L1701
Laws Robert S. 01/01/15 Cancer: Liver L2030
Chimenti Tracy R. 12/27/14 Cancer: Other L1592
Fields Kenneth J. 12/26/14 Cancer: Other L0950
Woods James J. 12/26/14 Stroke – Cerebral Hemorrhage – CVA L1066
McMahon James P. 12/24/14 Cardiac Arrest L0002
Cimino Alex J. 12/17/14 Cancer: Prostate L0280
Johnson Keith I. 12/16/14 Cancer: Esophageal L0027
Mullane Neal A. 12/12/14 Cancer: Other L0718
Craig Joyce M. 12/09/14 Burn: Thermal L0022
Marshall James 11/30/14 Cancer: Lung L0094
Muentes Fabian 11/30/14 Heart Disease L0002
Pallak Jeffrey E. 11/27/14 Cancer: Esophageal L0279
Castro Alejandro 11/16/14 Unknown L0970
Hunter Christopher J. 11/15/14 Undetermined – pending investigation L3091
Bethea James E. 11/12/14 Undetermined – pending investigation L0964
Farber Michael J. 11/12/14 Cancer: Liver F0147
Roach John D. 11/11/14 Cancer: Colon L3888
Tobin William A. 11/10/14 Cancer: Leukemia L0718
Gregus William J. 11/08/14 Heart Attack L0002
Lacewell Eric D. 11/04/14 Respiratory Arrest L0129
McNicholas Michael J. 11/04/14 Stroke – Cerebral Hemorrhage – CVA L0002
Lovering, Jr. William 11/06/14 Cancer: Esophageal L0632
McLeod John 11/06/14 Cancer: Lung L0255