Aerial Response to Fire at Osborne Street at Morley Avenue

May 22, 2014

To: All Members of Local 867

From: Alex Forrest, President UFFW on behalf of the Executive


We would like to congratulate all members of the Winnipeg Fire Department on the tremendous job they did at the fire in the Rubin apartment block at Morley Avenue and Osborne Street.  This fire could have been a disaster with many injuries and deaths.

One aspect that we would like to bring to the attention of all the members is that the immediate aerial response was appropriate after Chief John Lane had switched the dispatch protocol last week.

We would like to congratulate Chief Lane for making that decision one of his priorities when he arrived in Winnipeg.  We believe that having the appropriate dispatch protocol for aerial ladders was of great assistance to our Fire Fighters in the work that they did at this fire.