Gerry Delisle Is Home and Ready for Visitors

June 23, 2016

To: All Members of Local 867


Here is an update about Gerry Delisle:

Hello Larry, my name is Kelly Delisle, daughter of retired WPG Firefighter Gerald Delisle. I have spoken to Chaplain Mark in the past but received your email address from Dan Stanski and thought I could communicate some information through you. My dad suffered a stroke Jan 2016. Spent 5 months at StBoniface Hospital and In June he was transferred to MiddleChurch Personal care home. He spent only 2 days there and was promptly discharged by his wife. He was too well to be there. This is very good news. He is doing very well. It was mentioned to me by various people that it was posted in the news letter he was sent to Middlechurch and was accepting visitors.   We would be happy that you post an update that he is now at his home in Windsor Park . And would love any retired Fire Fighters would might know him to come see him or phone . His wife is Francis and phone # is 256-1700,
His computer access is frandelisle@