Important Memo Regarding New Public Relations Campaign

June 21, 2018

To: All Members of Local 867


Notice to the Members:

Public Relations Campaign 2018

From: Alex Forrest Chair Public Relations Committee, President United Firefighters of Winnipeg

June 20, 2018


 As per previous years we will be embarking upon a public relations campaign that will encompass, free media, social media and partnering with CJOB, TSN, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Winnipeg Goldeyes and Winnipeg Jets.  


Our brand will continue to be “Winnipeg Firefighters part of our community since 1882”


We will be enlisting the help of many members as they tell short stories of who they are and their commitment to the community they serve.  


We wish to put faces behind the work we do fighting fires, providing rescue services and being a proud part of Winnipeg’s Paramedic team.


These members will explain who they are and the commitment they have to the community they serve.    


These stories will be unveiled over the next few weeks on all aspects of our social media sites including our web site, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Snapchat.   They will play on the United Firefighters of Winnipeg sites as well as my personal sites.    We ask all members to like, share, comment and retweet these stories.  


You will hear these hits on all Goldeyes, Jets and Bombers games in various ways.    As well CJOB and TSN will be playing the stories throughout the week every day for the next few Months at strategic times such as the morning and evening drive home shows.


I would like to thank the following members who have donated their time to filming and recording their stories:


-Laura Loeppke ​​​-Oscar Silva​​​

-Lauren David ​​​-Chris Kowalczuk

-Dan Thomas ​​​-Stephen Nixon

Rhema Idonije ​​​-Russ Morrow

-Marcel Lafond ​​​-Mark Young

-Mike Lisowick ​​​– Alana Warnick

-Bob Eznicki ​​​-Lauren Federiw


I would also thank all members of the executive for their support and assistance on this project and especially Derek Balcaen for doing the logistical work on this project.    These are high quality Public Relations spots and each spot represents a tremendous amount of planning and logistical work.  


We all know that there are organizations out there that do not like our success and our community support and shamefully they do everything they can to minimize the great job we do for the citizens of Winnipeg.   As always we will take the high road and we will continue to proudly represent the members of the United Firefighters of Winnipeg.  


Again as I watch each of the media hits I am so proud to be your President and to have the privilege of representing and defending our member’s rights to have livable wages, proper benefits, the best WCB/Health and safety legislation in the world and to be able to retire with dignity and health.


My Facebook site is: Alex Forrest

My Twitter handle is:@wpgfirefighter

UFFW Twitter:​​ @uffw867

Website: ​​

Facebook:​ United Firefighters of Winnipeg


Alex Forrest

Captain, Winnipeg Fire Department

President, United Firefighters of Winnipeg International Association of Firefighters Canadian Trustee



Link to our first commercial: