Inter-Office Memo from Acting Chief Bill Clark regarding Overtime and Staffing

September 17, 2013

To: All Members of Local 867


Please see the following letter that has been sent to Mayor Sam Katz and every member of City Council. Also following is the Inter-Office Memo referred to in the letter that was sent out by Acting Chief Bill Clark.

As indicated in the letter, this memo outlines a policy whereby fire trucks would be struck off duty and unavailable to respond to emergency incidents. Fire truck compliments would also be minimized from four persons per fire truck to two. This is against industry standards and puts fire fighters and citizens at risk and this is what we have told the Mayor and City Council.

We are calling on every Fire Fighter to call the Mayor and members of city council to discuss this issue that is putting us at risk. Please be sure to contact the councillor for both the area in which you live and also for the area in which you work.

On behalf on the Executive of Local 867 I cannot emphasize enough how important this will be for fire fighters and the citizens of Winnipeg.