New Policy put out by Acting Chief Bill Clark

September 18, 2013

To: All Members of Local 867

From: Alex Forrest, President

UFFW is asking that all members, active and retired, and their spouses to call or email all councillors and the Mayor to voice their opposition to the new policy put out by Acting Chief Clark.  We are including in this memo contact information for the Mayor and all Councillors.

This policy will put the firefighters and the citizens of Winnipeg at risk.  It will mean that we will not have the proper number of Fire Fighters available and therefore we will not be able to respond with industry standards. Less staff means our job has become more dangerous.

Turning four person pumps into two person squads will render that machine useless as a firefighting machine. This is also a clear violation of our collective agreement.

There is a reason for the increase in overtime in the Winnipeg Fire Department and it is lack of hiring.  We have not had one new hire since January but we have had thirty-four retirements and fifteen long term disabilities.  That is fifty less firefighters available and as such overtime was needed.

Title First Name Last Name Email Address Phone #
Councillor Jeff Browaty 204-986-5196
Councillor Ross Eadie 204-986-5188
Councillor Scott Fielding 204-986-5848
Councillor Jenny Gerbasi 204-986-5878
His Worship Mayor Sam Katz 986-2196
Councillor Paula Havixbeck 204-986-5232
Councillor Grant Nordman 204-986-5920
Councillor John Orlikow 204-986-5236
Councillor Mike Pagtakhan 204-986-8401
Councillor Harvey Smith 204-986-5951
Councillor Devi Sharma 204-986-5264
Councillor Justin Swandel 204-986-6824
Councillor Thomas Steen 204-986-5195
Councillor Dan VanDal 204-986-5206
Councillor Russ Wyatt 204-986-8087
Councillor Brian Mayes 204-986-5088