The Gabrielle Roy 9th Anniversary

February 3, 2016

To: All Members of Local 867


Message to the Members

RE: Gabrielle Roy anniversary

From: Alex Forrest


February 4th will mark the 9th anniversary of the day that the Winnipeg Fire Department lost 2 great

Captains in a tragic house fire.

It was a day I know I will never forget.

That bitterly cold February evening changed the lives of all those involved; from those who suffered

physical burns and injuries, to those who endured psychological harm that has left permanent scars.

Our thoughts are with all of you.

To the family and friends of Brothers Tom Nichols & Harold Lessard, you are always in our thoughts. I

know I speak for all of the 1600 members of the UFFW as we assure you they will not be forgotten.



Alex Forrest

Lieutenant, Winnipeg Fire Department

President, United Firefighters of Winnipeg lnternational Association of Firefighters Canadian Trustee