UFFW Supports Ukrainian Firefighters

May 24, 2022

To: All Members of Local 867


UFFW Recently transferred $2,500 in financial support to our Ukrainian Firefighter Brothers & Sisters who remain on the frontlines during these ongoing aggressions.

The IAFF is rising in support and solidarity with our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. As their country remains under Russian attack, fire fighters are standing strong on the frontlines, not in battle, but protecting the lives of Ukrainian citizens.

“It is difficult to imagine the challenges fire fighters there are facing as they continue to respond during a military invasion,” says IAFF General President Edward Kelly. “This union is proud to stand with them as they continue to serve their communities without hesitation. We pray they stay safe.”

As the Ukraine military is doing its job, fire fighters there are responding to structure fires caused by missile strikes and searching for survivors in blown out buildings.

The IAFF will continue to watch the situation in Ukraine and look for ways to support our Ukrainian brothers and sisters and the global community at large.