Welfare Issues

December 6, 2013

To: All Members of Local 867

From: Rob Campbell, Welfare Committee Chair

There is a provision in the Constitution of UFFW, which directs the Welfare Committee to send a fruit basket to any member who has been off for two tours or more due to illness, or to any member or his/her immediate family who are in hospital.

Upon the death of any member, their spouse or any member of their immediate family, the Welfare Committee shall send a donation to a specified fund or charity, as requested.

Upon the birth of a member’s child the Welfare Committee will send a floral arrangement to the member and his/her spouse.

It has been brought to our attention that some members have been missed when they have been off work for more than two tours and so we are asking for your assistance in notifying the Union Office or any member of the Executive if any of the above situations arise on your platoon so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

If you are entitled to a floral arrangement or fruit basket you have the option of declining it and instead have it given to a child who is in Children’s Hospital. It will be delivered to the hospital foundation, which will ensure that it is given to a child who needs something to brighten his/her day. Privacy laws will not allow us to tell you whom it was given to but in the past our members who have done this have often received personal thank you notes from the child.