Winnipeg is one of the Big Winners in the 2014 I.A.F.F. Media and Public Relations Contest

October 6, 2014

To: All Members of Local 867

From: Alex Forrest, President

The IAFF Media Awards Contest helps create a greater awareness of the important work that professional fire fighters do to keep the public safe. The contest honors communications, reporting and photography that best portray fire fighters as dedicated all-hazards first responders.

The IAFF has now announced the winners of the 2014 IAFF Media Awards. More than 4000 Locals in the IAFF competed including large cities such as New York and Chicago and the IAFF received more than 330 entries in the 2014 Media Awards contest.  We are honoured to announce that two of the entries submitted by Local 867 have won first place in their respective categories..

In the category of “Best Affiliate Public Relations / Political Campaign Project” a commercial produced and submitted by Local 867 won first place.  This is one of the major categories of the IAFF Media Awards and we are truly honoured that “Responding to Your Emergencies Since 1882” won in this prestigious category.

The commercial highlights Local 867’s 132-year history in the community, including testimonials and commercials that show the contributions made by the Winnipeg Fire Department and Local 867 members.

In the category of Best News Story, Series or Feature (Print) a submission by Local 867 titled “Fire Fighters Bash Plan to Reduce OT” written by Aldo Santin of the Winnipeg Free Press also received a First Place nod.

You can go to the announcement of these great wins by clicking on and

We are proud of the great work that has been done by Local 867 and honoured to have that work recognized by the IAFF.