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May 7, 2018

 We are proud of the efforts of our members during this afternoon’s multiple wildland fire responses.
From North Saint Boniface & Whittier Park, to the the dozens of fires spreading along Wilkes and the Charleswood Forrest.
Special thanks to our incident commanders and our dispatchers who safely managed all of these incidents today.


Brother Greg Campbell Retirement

May 5, 2018

Last night brother Greg Campbell reg# 1263
Was celebrated for recently transferring to 5 platoon after serving for over 34 years.
Brother Campbell retires as a captain in the Winnipeg Fire Department.
Congratulations Greg!

Two Members Injured At Wednesday Wildland Fire

May 3, 2018

Alex Forrest:
Attention all members:

We had a serious wildland fire last night where two of our members were taken to hospital. Their injuries were serious but not life threatening.

I have been in contact with the officer this morning and he has advised he is shaken up but recovering.

He believed he was not going to make it as the grass fire engulfed his crew’s position. They were able to escape the fire but they were injured. He said he has never seen fire move that quickly.

Winnipeg has had one of its driest springs on record and with no rain, high winds and sun forecast for the next two weeks.

We ask all citizens to follow the burning bans issued by the fire Department.

Ed Wiebe To Model Memorial Silhouette

May 1, 2018

What a great day for all Firefighters as we do the photo shoot for the image the Manitoba Fallen Firefighter Memorial.

The model for this memorial image is Winnipeg Firefighter Ed Wiebe.

Ed was badly burned in the Gabrielle Roy Tragedy where we lost Fire Captains Harold Lessard and Tom Nichols.

Brother Wiebe is doing this in the memory of our two fallen Captains and all Firefighters injured. RIP Brothers/Never forgotten.
IAFF Canada – AIP

Unprecedented Wildland Fires This Week

April 30, 2018

Over the last several days our fire & wildland crews have been responding to many blazes around the city.

On Sunday alone among the three wildland fires across the city, the one on Dugald was elevated to a level 4 response involving over 30 machines.

(Not seen since the Assiniboine forrest fire 10(?) years ago)




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