Compensation Committee Report – Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial

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Compensation Committee Report

September 21, 2015


This past weekend was the IAFF Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial held in Colorado Springs. I had the opportunity to attend with other members of L867 and say thank you to the membership for supporting our participation in this ceremony. I have said in the past that the IAFF does a tremendous job of honouring the men and women whose names are placed on the wall and this year was no exception.


We hosted the Palamar and Fenske families this year and I know in speaking with them they were in awe of the dignity and respect paid to each and every fallen fire fighter. Thanks to Chad Swayze and Rob Campbell for presenting flags this year. Having been a flag presenter in past years I know how honoured they felt in their role during the ceremonies, paying respect to the families. They did us proud. Thank you.


As you may know, immediately following last year’s ceremony the memorial was decommissioned and a new, larger memorial erected in the same location. This “new” memorial now has all the line of duty death names since February 28, 1918, the inception of the IAFF. There are 7,352 names on the wall, 78 are from Local 867. The first Winnipeg name appears in 1921.


Along with the over 300 pipes and drums participating there were an equal amount of motorcycles that paraded and staged before the start of the memorial. Amongst those bikers were Al Bartley and Gregg Collicutt who rode down from Winnipeg. I think they will attest to the honour and respect paid to the fallen.


Whether you attend the ceremony or are just passing through I would encourage everyone to take the time to visit this memorial site.