Fire Prevention Week 2015

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This year’s theme for Fire Prevention Week is “Hear The Beep Where You Sleep.”

Thw activities planned for this year are the following:

Monday, October 5, 10:00am:
Kick off will be held at David Livingston School – 270 Flora Avenue. The launch will be in association with the Office of the Fire Commissioner (OFC), the Mayor’s office, and sponsors. A pumper and crew will be in attendance.

Tuesday, October 6, 5:00am:
• City TV Breakfast Television segment at the Forks utilizing Safety House.

Wednesday, October 7, 5:00 am:
• CTV Morning Live at the Rick Stephanchew’s house promoting Fire Safety throughout the Home.
Thursday, October 8 – All Day:
• Smoke Alarm installation for residences of Winnipeg. Locations to be determined.

Friday, October 9, 1:00 pm:
All City of Winnipeg schools will be asked to participate in a city-wide fire drill. On-shift crews could be asked to attend one of their local schools to observe and participate.

Saturday, October 10, 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm:
• All stations will participate in an Open House from 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm.