New ads on CJOB & TSN1290

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From Alex Forrest, President uffw
Re: New radio ad blitz with 680 CJOB and TSNRadio 1290

We all know that quick response times save lives and prevent further medical damage in cases such as heart attacks (MI), cardiac arrests or traumatic injuries.

The citizens of Winnipeg are fortunate to live within the perimeter, benefiting from our highly trained ambulance crews and 40 firetrucks staffed with licensed firefighter-paramedics providing some of the quickest paramedic response times in north America.

During the next year we will be partnering with CJOB and TSN to educate the public on the importance of response times and its tangible benefits to our patients.

We are fortunate to have Bob “Knuckles” Irving doing the voice over for a few of these ads, and Derek Balcaen voicing a “pull over for emergency vehicles” safety message.