Ongoing Payroll Issues

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Brothers and Sisters, I want to update you on the recent issues of payroll problems. Members have been reaching out to UFFW the last few weeks as they have noticed missing items on pay cheques. Items including, but not limited to, overtime payments, stat holiday pay, mileage, acting pay, pay scale increments and City paid Union stand in payments etc.

UFFW met with Chief Schmidt on September 28th and requested a Department-wide payroll audit, retro to the time that payroll staff changed over. That seems to be the period where payroll discrepancies began to appear. The Chief is amendable and committed to fixing these problems and ensuring our members are paid appropriately.

We have been compiling a list of members that have reached out to us with specific dates & details and will continue to add to UFFW Secretary Rob Labossiere‘s file. His e-mail address is listed below.

In the meantime, please be patient as these errors were not intentional and will be fixed as quickly as possible.

Thank you. Sincerely and in Solidarity,

Tom Bilous, President UFFW