Museum Looking To Capture Members’ Stories

April 15, 2019

The Wpg Firefighter Museum is working on a project to capture our members’ stories from our rich & colourful past. 

They are currently interviewing active & retired Firefighters on Sundays from 10:00-14:00 or by appointment. 

Please contact George @ 204-233-8857

or 204-471-7656.

Jets Flags Return To Pumps For Playoff Run

April 7, 2019

We are happy to continue our tradition of proudly flying Wpg Jets flags on all WFD fire trucks throughout our playoff run.

#GoJetsGo #WPGWhiteout




UFFW Attends Truro, NS LODD

March 31, 2019

It was our honour to attend Firefighter Skyler Blackie’s celebration of life in Truro today.
Brother Blackie passed in the line of duty as a proud member of the Truro, NS Fire Department. #NeverOffDuty



10th Annual Rooftop Campout Wrap-up

March 22, 2019

TJ Belluk, Rooftop Campout Chair:

The United Fire Fighters of Winnipeg would like to announce the Rooftop Campout for Muscular Dystrophy wrapped up last week raising just over $60,000. 

While this was short of the intended goal, we are very pleased with what was accomplished. Connor Normandin, Eric Dyck, Rhema Idonije and Jon Polson were front and center leading the effort. Retired District Chief Al Bartley even returned for a cameo appearance on the first night. 

Thanks to the many volunteers who braved some good and not so good weather to help with the road tolls. This has always been our main source of fundraising and Winnipeg stepped up again. 

Thank you to the volunteers who were on hand to help with the setup and teardown. 

We hope to see you all back next year.

10th Annual Rooftop Campout Launch

March 13, 2019

We were proud today to launch the 10th annual Firefighter Rooftop Campout for Muscular Dystrophy

Thank you to all of our financial, political and department supporters.

Our campers this year include Al Bartley, Rhema Idonije, Eric Dyck, Conor Normandin and JP Polson.