Firefighters Earn 99% Satisfaction Rating

July 26, 2018


We were happy, yet not surprised, to see our firefighters & firefighter-paramedic crews receive a 99% satisfaction rating in today’s released of the City Of Winnipeg Community Trends Performance Report.

We continue to be proud of the quality of the work our members provide to the citizens of Winnipeg every day during the course of our duties.

We are #NeverOffDuty


2018 PR Spot #7 Marcel Lafond

July 26, 2018

Looking back over their careers, our members are proud to have served the citizens of Winnipeg. This is Marcel.




2018 PR Spot #6 Lauren Federiw

July 20, 2018

One of the most important tools our firefighters & ff-paramedics bring on every call is compassion and empathy.
This is Lauren.

Click link below for video:

2018 PR Spot #5 Russ Morrow

July 13, 2018

  1. As firefighters and paramedics we’re sent to all kinds of fires and rescues… This is Russ. #NeverOffDuty

Click below to view the spot:


UFFW Tinkertown Family Picnic

July 12, 2018

Well another UFFW family picnic is in the books.

We had another massive turnout of active and retired members thisbyear. (700+?)

Thanks to Tinkertown for the outstanding service, and to everyone who help make this a special day every summer.

(Pictures courtesy of Ron Schmitz)