Ceremony commemorating the 90th anniversary of the Winnipeg Theatre fire

December 23, 2016

Thank you to Mayor Brian Bowman and Manitoba Hydro for attending today’s ceremony commemorating the 90th anniversary of the Winnipeg Theatre fire.

4 firefighters lost their lives in this fire, and further 9 sustained devastating career ending injuries.

A special thank you to Ted Kuryluk and the Winnipeg Firefighters’ Museum for assisting us with the historical research.

WFD Christmas visit to St Amant

December 23, 2016

‪The crew of E14 had a wonderful visit and gift exchange with clients and residents at St.Amant on the afternoon of December 23.

THANK YOU to the staff and management of StAmant who work tirelessly fulfilling potential in our community.

Gord Bakaluk retirement

December 21, 2016

‪We would like to wish WFD Firefighter & Public Education Officer Gord Bakaluk, Reg# 1540, a great last day on the job before his retirement!‬

Signs & Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

December 20, 2016

Here is a link to the Mayo Clinic for signs & symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning:


Here is a link to the Centre For Disease Control’s freaquently asked questions page about carbon monoxide.

Click HERE for CDC link