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Water Rescue Training

November 28, 2017

Recent WFD Water Rescue team
ice-rescue training.
With recent mild temperatures, we remind everyone to *Stay Off* our ponds and waterways.

UFFW EMSB Arbitration Averted

November 22, 2017

From Alex Alex Forrest
Attention all United Firefighters of Winnipeg members:
The EMSB wage arbitration Thursday has been cancelled as the city has withdrawn their application to decrease the UFFW mechanics wages by 30 percent – this is a result of much discussion with the city and after briefs were exchanged showing the city the strength of our research and arguments.
This is a huge win for all as our mechanics will now be aligned with our wage rates and increases.

UFFW Assists In Ontario FF-Paramedic Expansion

November 21, 2017

UFFW Executive Derek Balcaen assisting Ontario’s Fire Fighters president Rob Hyndman at today’s Ontario bill 160 allowing firefighter-paramedics to respond from fire trucks in the province.

Alex Forrest also meeting with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynn and Conservative leader Patrick Brown.

Winning Prize Numbers

November 20, 2017

Thank you everyone for your support in this weekends Banquet and Ball that raised funds for The Never Alone Foundation.
The Winning Numbers for the Silent Auction are as follows.

Grand Prize Numbers:
Tool Chest                                           479712
TV                                                         479758
BBQ                                                      479662
Poker                                                    479913
Chair                                                     479980

Regular Prize Numbers:
Moose Jersey                              0351                                               Cook/Liquor                            1288
Painting & Quilt                         1420                                               Pearls                                        0312
Road Kit                                       0264                                              Framing/Paint                        0400
Copper Moon                              2380                                              $100.00 Safeway                     0357
Backpack/Headphones             1442                                               Grain/$100.00 Visa               1437
Spa Package                                 2338                                              Bif/Buff                                      0400
Gold NAF Necklace                    1400                                              NAF Package                             0474
Speaker                                         0435                                              Jets                                              0428
Lottery                                          0395                                              Water Cooler                              0426
Watch                                            2385                                             Seven Oaks Auto                        1369
Mohammed Poster                     0497                                             Copper Moon                              0483
Décor                                             0439

41st Firefighter Banquet & Ball

November 20, 2017

Last night’s 41st Firefighter Banquet & Ball in support of the Never Alone Foundation was a resounding success.

This year over 450 firefighters, management, dignitaries and politicians attended.

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