Retirement for the 8 wanted men

February 5, 2017

On Wednesday Fabruary 1st a retirement function was held for 8 of our own at the King’s Head.
The following brothers have now received their transfers to 5 platoon after serving in the WFD for a combined 260 years:

Al West, Reg#1007
Doug Hansen,Reg#1106
Allen Dunn, Reg#1259
Gerry Nickel, Reg#1278
Patrick McCabe, Reg#1281
Glen Armour, Reg#1303
Michael Sparks, Reg#1326
Gerry Hatherly, Reg#1330

Gabriel Roy fire 10th anniversary Rememberance

February 3, 2017

Many firefighters, active and retired, along with family and members of our administration gathered on Thursday February 2 to honour and remember those who fell, and those injured in the Gabriel Roy fire.

Brother Jason Buhr sang his song “Unite Our Hearts Today”, followed by speakers representing UFFW, the Lessard and Nichols famillies, WFPS administration and the City of Winnipeg.

February 4, 2007 is a day that has affected everyone on the job in some way, and we will never forget the sacrifices made by Harold & Tom, as well as all those who continue to heal from physical and emotional injuries sustained that night.

Never Forgotten.

Swearing in of new members

January 30, 2017

‪Proud to swear in several new members to the United Firefighters of Winnipeg at this morning’s general membership meeting. ‬

Four member retirement stag pictures

January 28, 2017

We were proud to honour four of our retiring brothers earlier this week among a large group of family & friends.

Pictured below are UFFW VP Dave Naaykens and board members Tom Bilous & Chad Swayze presenting retirement watches to Brothers Greg Collicutt Reg# 1217, Harold Friesen Reg# 1183, Alvin Klassen Reg# 1306 and Dale Dreilich Reg# 1102.

Congratulations on your distinguished careers, and all the best on 5 platoon!