Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Visits 4 Station

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On Friday July 28th, a visit was organized for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to meet our crew at 4 station.

Not surprisingly, a few hours earlier these same busy crews were involved in rescuing 6 ppl trapped in a 3rd story Sherbrook apartment fire.

The Prime Minister, accompanied by his daughter Ella and Senior Cabinet Minister Jim Carr spent over an hour at the hall discussing our firefighting and paramedic roles.

The great chefs on two shift then treated the Prime Minister and his daughter to a great firehall lunch. During the meal, UFFW executive Tom Bilous thanked the PM for enacting the PSOC (Public Safety Officer Compensation) bill that will provide financial support to the famillies of any firefighter killed in the line of duty.

It was an honour to host the sitting Prime Minister at the hall, and we thank the crew and the administration for their support and cooperation on this project.

Alex Forrest