Rooftop Campout Wraps up

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Our 5th Annual Firefighters Rooftop Campout for Muscular Dystrophy wraped up on Friday morning, and by all accounts it has been a tremendous success.

Our unofficial total is $48,500 in cash raised, with loose ends still being tallied.

The list of people who make this event the success that it is, is a lengthy one, but here goes:

The rooftop campers: Chad Swayze, Al Bartley, Ben Ritchie and Micheal Lisowick. These guys give up 4 straight days in tight quarters doing countless interviews, PR, and activities in the name of Muscular Dystrophy. If that commitment isn’t enough, they also spend the year organizing, working on sponsorship, setting up and tearing down the site for each campout.

The organizing committee: TJ Belluk, Joel Savard, Rob Labossiere and Derek Balcaen. Workers behind the scene to make sure the small things are taken care of during the week.

Road toll volunteers: You are the lifeblood of this event and without you we would not have had the success that we did this year. A big thank you to all who gave a few hours on our road tolls. A special thanks to SMART EMS – nearly a dozen of their students came out several times to lend a hand.

A longer report will follow with details of the week that was, but for now on behalf of the campers and the organizing committee, thank you for making this year’s campout a rousing success.

Derek Balcaen
Executive Board Member
Rooftop Committee Member


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