Second World War Tribute Information

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In September, 2014, the Federal Government created a Second World War tribute for living WW2 veterans (unfortunately, not for those who have since passed on).  I do not know how or if they distributed the information about it but learned about it myself in my MP’s 10 center that came to the house.

The Tribute consists of a certificate and a pin. Veterans or their relatives will have to go to the Veterans Affairs Canada website to apply online.

To get to the application forms, once the Veterans Affairs page opens up, tab onto Remeberance which will open a drop box. Go to Rememberance Main Page.

On the left hand side of the page, under Get Involved, go to the bottom, find and tab onto World War Commemorations/#Show You Remember.

On that page, you will find 2 boxes: tab onto the one displaying a certificate.


That opens a page titled Second World War Tribute Request, on which you will find 2 forms:

1)      For a veteran to make his own request

2)      For a family member or ”other” to request the Tribute for the Veteran.


The form(s) can be filled and submitted online, and a copy saved.












It took 2 different calls to VA to find the forms. Each call was at least 30 minutes long, and the second attempt was successful only after the clerk consulted with someone else. Fortunately that second clerk completed the form for me since I already had the veteran’s information for the fellow that I was making the application for..