Self regulation consultant’s report released

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Reg Toews today released his eagerly-awaited consultant report on the implementation of paramedic self-regulation.

After many productive exchanges with Mr. Toews, we are happy to see that most of our concerns have been addressed in his report.

We look forward to having representation on this board in recognition of the province’s nearly 700 licensed firefighter-paramedics. These responders work in Winnipeg, Brandon and Thompson, and are involved in 80% of the total calls in those cities.

We would like to hilight to our members we were recently successful in negotiating with the City of Winnipeg coverage for all costs created by this new self-regulation college.

All other paramedics or EMRs in the province will be responsible to pay these costs on their own, but we hope our agreement can assist others in the future.

To read the full report, follow the link below and click on the PDF.