Thank you to Mayor Sam Katz as he Announces that he is not Running for Re-election

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We are alerting the members that Mayor Sam Katz will not be seeking reelection as Mayor of Winnipeg.

Both the Winnipeg Fire Department and the United Fire Fighters of Winnipeg have benefited greatly from the support of Mayor Katz.  There has not been a Mayor in the City of Winnipeg for decades who has given us the support that he has during his time in office.

The support of Mayor Katz has led to increased funding for the Fire Department ranging from new fire halls to staffing to protective clothing, vehicles and equipment.  Our job has become safer because of the leadership of Mayor Sam Katz.

Most important of all our ability to serve the public has been greatly enhanced during this time.

We wish Mayor Katz well in his future endeavors and every fire fighter in the city of Winnipeg thanks him for his leadership and support.