UFFW Christmas Charity Support

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UFFW was proud to recently visit several charities also supporting those in need in our community.  As is our tradition, surplus and unclaimed gifts & candy from our Family Christmas Party along with monetary support is delivered the week following the event

Pictured below were some of our stops:

Carmella has operated the Pyjama Project out of her house for the past 12+ years  Her team of volunteers provides wrapped pyjamas to inner-city grade-school children. We have witnessed several of the deliveries made to these schools over the years and it’s truly special. This year’s project gifted approximately 3,500 pairs.

UFFW has been proudly supporting the Thrive Community Support Circle located at 555 Spence for several years through donations of surplus food/gifts from our family picnics and Christmas parties. This group of dedicated people offer critical supports in the Spence  neighbourhood ranging from a food bank, mich-needed walkup meal services, thrift store and offers a wide range of counselling services.


We visited Pastor Phil who operates the Springs Inner-City food bank and outreach programs at 648 Burrows. Nearly 400 families depend on their food bank & counselling support services weekly to get by.


It is always a pleasure to meet with Leslie and her team at Knox United Church at 400 Edmonton. Hearing about the work they do to assist their neighbourhood families in need can be a dose of reality in our busy lives.

Our last stop of the day was to donate candy and forward MB Moose Tickets to support St Amant and their 2,000+ staff and volunteers who work tirelessly in our community helping those with challenges reach their full potentials.

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