Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial

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Thank you to the Membership, the Executive and President Forrest for the privilege of representing UFFW in Ottawa this past weekend at the Canadian Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial.(CFFF) in Ottawa.

The ceremony was held on September 8th and the names of thirty-five fallen firefighters were added to the wall including twelve UFFW Brothers

  • Captain Robert Innes
  • Captain Frank Spooner
  • Captain Henry Philpott
  • Captain Alfred Papson
  • Captain Murray Eastoe
  • Deputy Chief Lorne Green
  • Captain Paul Gyselinck
  • Captain Ray Zillman
  • Captain Ed Kelsch
  • Asst. Deputy Chief Albert Grundy
  • Fire Fighter George McLean
  • Captain Walter Samson

Members of the families of Robert (Bob) Innes, Murray Eastoe and Walter Sampson were in attendance.

The ceremony rehearsal began on Saturday with firefighters from across Canada and the U.S.A. marching to the site of he monument at Le Briton Flats. It drizzled most of day

After the ceremony firefighters and family members gathered at a meet-and-greet reception at Parliament hill

Some Families attended a mosaics light show on the parliament building, others were able to site see in the beautiful city of Ottawa.

In the evening the bag pipers and drummers played at one of the local refreshment establishments. Firefighters from across Canada, U.S.A. and Belgium toasted the fallen and shared stories with family members

It was nice to speak with some young fire fighters from Belgium who were visiting and traveling across Canada. Also a Toronto firefighter with on year on the job and one from Calgary with five years shared their passion and love for their chosen career but they also recognized the dangers and sacrifices of being a firefighter.

Sunday morning was beautiful and sunny. The ceremony began with pipes and drums followed by a parade of firefighters and colour guard marching past the memorial site paying respect to the fallen and their families. It is always an emotional experience for me being part of the honour guard marching side by side with other firefighters.

There was farewell a reception where families and firefighters could bid farewell. The families appreciation of all the firefighters honouring their lost loved ones and that their spouse, parent or child was not forgotten. This put a perfect end to the day.

It is unfortunate that a profession we love so much is so tough on us.

Honour the fallen!