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With the increased abuse of Fentanyl and Carfentanil in our community, UFFW has decided to produce the following PSA. Our intent is to bring more awareness to the deadly and often unintended consequences of this drug’s inappropriate street use.

The fentanyl crisis was the lead story on CBC’s The National on November 17th. This story gives some background information on the situation in Winnipeg, as well as the PSA launched by UFFW.

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Winnipeg Firefighters: Contributing to saving lives every day

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Firefighting Response Commercials:

On a bitterly cold February night in 2007, Ed responded to a St Boniface house fire that almost took his life. This is Ed’s commercial.

Robert was the victim of an arson in his home as he slept. This is his commercial.

A fire broke out in Kyle and Kyra’s home on one of the coldest days of the year with wind chill temperatures nearing -40. This commercial features the family pet, Theodore The Dog, rescued from the blaze.

On February 4th 2007, on the coldest night of the year, a terrible residential house fire raged in St Boniface. That fire took the lives of 2 veteran Winnipeg Fire Department Captains and seriously injured 4 other firefighters. This is Ed Wiebe giving an account, in his own words, of the events that took place that night, as well as his years of recovery since.

Robert was asleep at home the night people broke into his home and set the upper floors ablaze. This is Robert’s story in his own words about the arson and the Winnipeg firefighters’ response to his emergency.

On a frigid winter afternoon, the Wininpeg Fire Department responded to a house fire in East Kildonan. On that day while the family was at work, Theodore the family pet was rescued form the blaze. This is their story.

Fire-based EMS Commercials

This is a 30 second commercial featuring Denis, a condo caretaker who had the fortune of having a heart attack in front of a Winnipeg firefighter-paramedic crew.

This is a 30 second commercial featuring Jeff, a citizen who had a serious heart attack.

This is a 30 second commercial featuring Frank who turned into the nearest firehall when he realized he was having a cardiac emergency.

Fire-based EMS testimonials:

Derek is a Winnipeg firefighter-paramedic. These are his thoughts on Winnipeg’s fire-based EMS response system.

Jeff is a Winnipeg resident who found himself having a massive heart attack. In his own words, he recounts the events of that day, including the actions of a Winnipeg firefighter-paramedic crew that attended his emergency.

Denis works as a caretaker for a large downtown condominium. This is the story in his own words of what happened when he had a heart attack in front of a Winnipeg firefighter-paramedic crew. The fire department had been responding to his condo for an unrelated emergency.

Frank is a veteran Wininpeg firefighter who found himself having a serious cardiac emergency while driving in his vehicle. He walked into the nearest firehall and this is the story in his own words of what transpired because of a system that worked.